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Ultimate Pipeband Series Tenor Drums

These magnificent drums are traditional build, with an eye for real tradition. The drums are very easy to handle and tune. A specific tenor drum with a specific sound based on pipes and drums traditions. Again manufactured for pure sound an real pitch.

Perfection manifested in sound and pitch!

Download the productsheet for all models, technical specifications, weights, sizes and packaging.

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Tension Rods
Using chrome plated tension rods the drums can be tuned very easily.
Tension Rings


Made out of excellent crafted high pressure plywood, lacquer finished with a glossy black inlay for a luxurious appearance.


The special shaped and high pressure diecast Zamac twin lugs stand for pure quality an exclusive design. The lugs are fitted with bronze and chrome plated inserts. Inside the lugs you will find a special synthetic “locker” to hold the tension and avoid the rods to loosen their tension. The lugs are fitted to the shell using a special synthetic underlay to avoid the contact with the shell.


The most reliable bassdrum claw on the entire market. 2.3 mm tempered steel. High pressure stamping technoligy is used to create this sturdy and reliable high quality product.




We ony use the best component and there fore these series we choosed for Remo Ambasador Smooth White series drumhead. Standard mounted on the instrument (ther options ara available).

  • Bottom: Remo Ambassador Clear


Plywood Impact | The heartbeat of your drum!
A 4mm 6-ply wooden shell made out of a combination of beech and occume. Both wood species which are the basics of light and strong drums shell.


Aluforce | Light in weight and strong in sound!
Precisely CC bended and welded aluminium shells made out of a special 1.5 mm aluminium sheet material. Extremely light in weight with an excellent performance in sound and durability. Aluforce it just says where it stands for.


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