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History of Vancore

Vancore Percussion Instruments is founded in 1985 as the result of an cooperation between Pustjens Percussion Products, its owner Jan Pustjens, as a percussionist of world famous Royal Concert Gebouw Orchestra, and the current owner Jan ter Heide. Both professional percussionists and dedicated to create innovative percussion instruments; always listening to percussionists.
The manufactured instruments appeared on the international percussion market under the Concorde brand name. After a period the two owners decided to split the manufacturing department from PPP Amsterdam.
New company and new brand name:
The name Vancore is selected and created because of its international identity. Through the cooperation with PPP, as a recognized international percussion supplier, Vancore focused on innovation, development and above all: export activities. As first stage the substantial demand on high tension marching instruments was the key manufacturing focus. In a short period marimbas and vibes completed the program.
Nowadays Vancore Percussion Instruments is a world recognized full range percussion manufacturer still focusing with eyes and ears on innovation for the most demanding percussionist.


  • Vancore International
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