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Performing Standard Series Timpani

The Vancore Performing Standard Series Timpani are specifically designed for ease of transport. Though light weight, these fine instruments have an unusual big, full sound. For timpanists on the go, these are instruments of choice!


Based on extensive experience with our Custom Classic Series timpani we decided to equip the Performing Standard Series Timpani with exactly the same bowl as our pro models. The cambered shape guarantees great projection together with pure resonance and rich tone.

PST Operating System SLB
Our Spring Loaded Balance System (SLB) guarantees a smooth and even pedal motion for tuning the Performigng Standard Series Timpani. No slipping or cumbersome ratchet - just set in and forget it!

Both our copper and Fiber Force bowls are mounted on the bottom casting and isolated to allow free resonance of the bowl. The result is resonance that is both pure and ringing!

Tone Indicator
Performing Standard Timpani are equipped with a tone indicator directly linked to our SLB operating System. This system insures accurate, trouble free tuning indication. An efficient malletholder can be supplied as an option.



Portable Timpani System
Vancore Performing Standard Timpani are designed and constructed with one overriding goal - easy transport. By quickly unlocking a few screws the whole pedal unit can be folded up. The legs easily fold up and just like that, your PS series timp is ready for transport! If you're a timpanist who valueds portability, you'll love Vancore Performing Standard Series Timpani!

Performing Standard Fiber Force.
The Performing Standard Series Timpani can also be supplied with the unique Vancore Fiber Force shell. Utilizing a special composite material we can manufacture a lightweight bowl, which is both resonant and focused in pitch. Like our heavy duty copper bowls, these bowls are cambered for fullnes of sound.



Configuration Set up
The Performing Standard Series Timpani can be ordered in both standard or German style configuration.



Model Size Range
PST2023 C/F-G/S 23" c-b
PST2026 C/F-G/S 26" F-g
PST2029 C/F-G/S 29" E-e
PST2032 C/F-G/S 32" C-d

* C-Copper / F-Fiber
* G-German / S- Standard


* Tuning gauge included all models





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