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Custom Classic Series Glockenspiel | Performing Standard Series Glockenspiel



The perfect set of orchestra bells with an eye for budget without loosing focus on quality. The frame is made out of solid ash wood. Bars are made out of special aluminium alloy and are satin finished.


Free Floating Bar Suspension
The aluminium satin finished bars are free suspended on a special cord for minimal material contact.


Transport Case
The set of bells are supplied with a studry and elegant transportcase.




Performing Standard 2000 Series




Model: PSG 2001 (no image)
Range: 2.5 oct (g2-e5)
Bars: Satin Finished Aluminum
Bar Sizes: 30x10
Pitch: A=442
Frame: European Ashwood
Suspension: Free Floating Bar Susp.
Covers: Sturdy Transport case (included)






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