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Custom Classic Series Vibraphones | Performing Standard Series Vibraphones



Using the greatest care, we select wood, hand tune resonators and all our design skills, to produce these superb percussion keyboard instruments. Featuring this finest in traditional craftsmanship and the very latest in material technology, we give you an instrument rich and focused in tone. The instruments are total transportable and height adjustable through our patented Total Suspension System. If the ultimate in sound and quality is what you want, consider these royal series of mallet instruments.


Total Suspension System
With just a press of a button the height of an instrument can be adjusted. Totally free frame suspension is realized by using durable gas springs, which make the instrument balance optimum and adjustment effortless.


Dempening System




Integrated speed control
The speed control unit is integrated into the smallest end piece. This feature guarantees an easy speed control body movement and on top of that it avoids damage during transport of the vibes.


Floating Bar Suspension
Most notable is the new Floating Bar Suspension System (FBS). This proprietary bar support system actually increases bar resonance by 20%!
Precision laser cut bar support arms are angled to insure that each and every bar is supported exactly to the nodal point.


Custom Classic 4000 Series
Again the 'gigging' vibe player will love this carefully designed instrument. This vibraphone is modular and very easy to transport. The height adjustment can be realized through our 'Total Suspension System' The splendid graduated baar set is made of special aluminium alloy, which gives an exceptional tone quality and projection. They come in a special anodised satin silver finish. The vibraphone is supplied with a build in variable motor control unit.




Model: CCV 4001 (no image)
Range: 3.0 oct (f-f3)
Bars: Satin Silver Finish All. Alloy
Bar Sizes: 60x12 40x12
Pitch: A=442
Motor: Control Speed 25-150 RPM
Frame: Total Suspension System
Resonators: Clamp system
Height: 76,5 - 107 cm
Casters: Large with brakes



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