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These Series are developed to tradition and more.... we've added it to tradition!! Four complete series specially designed for the most demanding traditional marching percussionist. Bass drums, Multi Tenor sets and Snare drums all in line featuring:

Corps Custom Exclusive Series
Exclusive tenor sets for medium high tension. Available in different configurations from 3 up to 6 tenors mounted on the adaptor.


Corps Custom Standard Series
These tenor sets are fitted with more lugs for higher tension. A standard quality combined with more options and finishes.


Corps Custom Economic Series
As a follow up on the Corps Custom Lite Series the Corps Custom Economic tenor sets stand for standard quality and carefree operation. Available in different set ups.


Corps Custom Lite Series
Lightweight bass drums, specially designed for the young marching bass drummers. Available from 12" up to 18". The bassdrums are fitted with triple flanged tension hoops. A minimal sized bass drum with a large sound!






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