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Instruments to dance.... without limitations! Specially designed for the demanding Caribbean Bands, Vancore introduces the Caribbean Band Series. A complete range of Snaredrums, Bassdrums, Tenor Drums en Multi Tenor sets in different features and colours come together with a complete set of carriers, adaptors and accessories.

All models can be delivered with Plywood Impact wood shells or Aluforce aluninium shells.



Vancore's Free Floating Vortex snaredrums stand for a crispy sound, extreme light weight and very easy to carry. First on the market and second to none in performance!

We have added a 'snap on' construction to move away the shell if you want to. If you like to play without shell, just go ahead and experience the even more crispier unrivalled sound! Easy to transport, easy to handle. Very strong construction! The drums are, depending on the model of choice, fitted with a fixed or fully adjustable top strainer. Both available with Aluforce or Plywood Impact shells.

The instruments are constructed with an integrated adaptor unit, attaching your carrier.






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